Space War Show – Theater of Maison de la Culture

Le Friday 27 September à 19h30
Grand théâtre de la Maison de la Culture Boulevard Pomare IV 98714 Papeete
Event organized by Rideau Rouge Tahiti.
An intergalactic parody for kids, teens and droids!

Following on from the success of Ados, Le Bossu de Notre Dame and Chevaliers Princesse et Dragon, Olivier Solivérès takes us on a galactic adventure and humor show for the whole family!

In a 3D video set, you’ll find 5 multi-faceted actors, robots with oozing nuts, lightsabers with and without batteries, a leek and even, for the 1st time in a show for young audiences: holograms!
In Lord Bad Bador’s imperial shuttle, Princess Sheila tries to escape from the Imperial Soldiers in pursuit… Before she’s caught, she manages to send a cry for help to her old friend Obione Two Three.

With the support of his young disciple, Jean-Luc Walker, Obione decides to go to her rescue.
Will they succeed in freeing her? Why is Bad Bador attacking the Princess?
Does light speed work in the dark?
Does Superman have spare red briefs?
And above all, will Jean-Luc Walker find the strength… to stop his adolescent crisis?

You’ll find all the answers to these questions and many more, as the heroes board the intergalactic shuttle bound for… “Space Wars! Space Wars!”


  • Comic

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Horaires d'ouverture le 27 September 2024
VendrediOuvre à 19h30


4900 XPF
3900 XPF
Adult: 5,900 XPF
Child (under 16): 5,300 XPF
Adult: 5,500 XPF
Child (under 16): 4,900 XPF

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Grand théâtre de la Maison de la Culture
Boulevard Pomare IV
98714 Papeete
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