Put your walking shoes on and take a hike. There are paths and trails to suit all levels and all ages. Green tourism is thriving in The Islands of Tahiti.

In the heart of nature

Breathtaking scenery

Hiking in The Islands of Tahiti, between nature and culture ©Grégoire Le Bacon

Explore the paths and trails in Tahiti: The hiking guide to the heart of Polynesia for beginners

From time to time it does you good to get off the beach and go for a walk in the country. In The Islands of Tahiti you’ll find trails to suit all levels. Hike through the valleys and mountains of the high islands and discover the magnificent scenery, with waterfalls and scenic viewpoints for superb photo opportunities.

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The majestic waterfalls of The Islands of Tahiti © Overpeek Studio

Where to find waterfalls in The Islands of Tahiti

Every waterfall is unique. Whether big or small, a column of water cascading down is a sight that everybody finds impressive and captivating. Some of the best to see are the waterfalls of the Fautaua valley near Papeete, the three waterfalls at Tiarei on the east coast, and the one at Vaipo in Nuku Hiva.

Hiking in Bora Bora © Grégoire Le Bacon & Tahiti Nui Helicopters

Hiking in Tahiti and Bora Bora

Tahiti and Bora Bora are dream destinations, famed for their beautiful beaches and turquoise lagoons. But the interior of these islands is just as wonderful. Take the time to explore the magnificent countryside, luxuriant nature and breathatking scenery. There is a large selection of hiking trails in Tahiti, leading through lush green valleys to majestic waterfalls and superb archeological sites. In Bora Bora, the trails take you to superb scenic viewpoints over the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, offering incredible photo opprtunities for your Instagram account.

Plage de Rurutu © Michael Runkel


10 tips for a sustainable stay

The Islands of Tahiti are filled with Mana. This vital force that connects all living beings and is experienced in the culture’s rhythm, traditions, environment and nature. From this force, the lasting link between man and nature is derived. A link that must be protected, maintained and promoted. The Islands of Tahiti are unique and fragile at the same time, they are home to a community and an ecosystem that must be preserved. Discover how to travel responsibly and enjoy every moment in The Islands of Tahiti.


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A guided trek

Hiking with a guide to observe the unique fauna and flora of The Islands of Tahiti.


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