Is The Islands of Tahiti a suitable destination for the elderly?

There is no reason why elderly people shouldn’t visit The Islands of Tahiti. On the contrary, the medical facilities are modern and are equipped with the lastest technology.
We recommend that you bring a copy of your medical records and the name and address of your physician. It is also important to have adequate medical insurance.

Is it customary to leave a tip?

A tip isn’t expected by employees of hotels and restaurants, however, it won’t be refused either. Since 2007, a service charge is included in the price of your accommodation and restaurant bill. This sum is shared among the Most souvenir shops sell postcards. Stamps are available from the post office which is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays and 8:00am to 11:00am on Saturdaysat the end of the year.

Where can you buy postcards and stamps?

Most souvenir shops sell postcards. Stamps are available from the post office which is open from 7h00 to 18h00 on weekdays and 8h00 to 11h00 on Saturdays

What are the formalities for getting married in The Islands of Tahiti?

A recent change in French law has made it legal for foreigners to marry in French Polynesia.

A certain number of documents are required for the civil service in French Polynesia. We recommend that you contact the Programme Specialiste de Tahiti (TSP) who will help you to organize your wedding. You should allow from 3 to 5 months for the process.

You can find the list of documents required here.

What is the climate of French Polynesia?

In French Polynesia it’s summer all year round! The temperatures might be high, but the Pacific trade winds blow constantly and keep the air relatively cool.

The Gambier and Austral Islands are further from the equator and have a more moderate climate than the Society and Marquesas Islands. As for the Tuamotu Islands, the sun shines there for 3,000 hours a year!

The vegetation is particularly luxuriant during the warm rainy season, between November and March, which is known as the season of abundance. It’s also the season when tropical fruit is ripe and ready to eat.

Are internet connectons readily available?

The Islands of Tahiti have had a broadband internet connection for several years, thanks to the Honotua underwater fibre optic cable which connects them to Hawaii. The following internet providers have various offers to keep you connected during you stay:



Tahiti Wifi

Internet connections are generally available at your accommodation.

Phoning from The Islands of Tahiti

Making calls in Tahiti.

You can buy a prepaid card from any of the 80 post offices in The Islands of Tahiti. They enable you to phone from any fixed or mobile phone, or from the telephone booths which you still find in the more remote islands.

Mobile phones

You can use a mobile phone in most of The Islands of Tahiti and the prices are reasonable. You can bring your own mobile phone and use it by activating the international option before you leave home. You can purchase top-up cards from the suppliers of the phone network Vini and Vodafone

What is the electrical supply?

Hotels have 110 and 220 volt alternative current. We recommend that you bring your adaptor with you.

What is the official language of The Islands of Tahiti?

The official language is French, but Tahitian is widely spoken as well. English is also spoken in the tourist areas.

Would you like to learn to speak Tahitian?

What are the customs import and export regulations?

All goods must be declared and the relevant duties paid at customs on arrival. Certain goods are subject to specific regulations and you can find the list at The French customs authorities also have a website:

Is the water safe to drink?

The water is safe to drink in Bora Bora and parts of Tahiti and Moorea. It’s better to ask in the other islands. If in doubt, drink bottled water.

Do you need a vaccine to visit The Islands of Tahiti?

Tahiti Tourisme reminds visitors coming from countries where there is a risk of contamination with the yellow fever virus that they must be vaccinated against the virus. There are modern, well-equipped hospitals in Papeete, Taravao (peninsula) and Raiatea. The other islands all have a dispensary or a nursing station. For vaccine prescriptions and recommendations for international travelers, including for yellow fever and malaria, click here.

For the list of countries presenting a risk of contamination with the yellow fever virus and countries which require vaccination against yellow fever, click here.

For more information, contact the World Health Organization.

Useful contacts

15: Medical emergency service (SAMU)

16: Sea Rescue

17: Police emergency

18: Fire service

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