In French Polynesia, a food truck is called a “roulotte“. Delicious food, rapid service and reasonably priced menus make food trucks the favorite restaurants of the local population.

Originally roulottes were mobile restaurants which catered for laborers, close to their worksite. Now they are a veritable institution and can be found throughout The Islands of Tahiti. Usually located close to the main roads, the atmosphere is friendly and you can have anything from a light snack to a full three course meal. Polynesians eat early and the roulottes usually open from about 18h30. There are permanent installations at Vaipoopoo Park in Punaauia and Taapuna Park as well as on the quayside of Vaitape in Bora Bora. Poisson cru, chow mein, steak with fries, pizza, crepes, hamburgers… there’s something for everybody. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals what they recommend.

Vaipoopoo roulottes

Four food trucks, each with its own cuisine., in a park next to the seashore. Welcome to Vaipoopoo! The atmosphere is friendly and local and the prices are very reasonable. Each of the roulottes had to win its place in a competition, so you can be sure of the quality and service. As a bonus, while you eat your meal you have one of the best views in Tahiti, over the island of Moorea and Taapuna sandbank.

Opened in 2019, the Vaipoopoo roulottes are very popular among the locals of Punaauia and further afield. You’re sure to find a meal to suit your tastes in one of the four food trucks, so take a seat, relax and admire the view over Moorea. There is a nautical base nearby, so you can spend the afternoon paddling on the lagoon before going to the roulottes for dinner. Tables round the base of trees lit up by garlands of lights, give the restaurants a pleasantly rustic ambiance, which you’ll enjoy. And the children’s play park close by makes it the ideal choice for a family evening out.

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