The magnificent turquoise lagoon of Huahine is an irresistable temptation, but try to make the time to explore the island itself and discover its rich culture.

Bobby Holcomb is an American singer who made his home in Huahine for 25 years until his passing in 1991. He is greatly missed by all Polynesians and especially the population of Huahine, where he was adored. When you visit this beautiful, tranquil island, you can understand why he chose to make it his home. The atmosphere is a harmonious blend of past and present, based on a unique ancestral culture.

Memories of the past are ever-present

A visit to Huahine is a voyage to the heart of Polynesian culture and traditions. The island has a rich archeological heritage, including a multitude of marae, some of which are very imposing. A good place to start your visit is the Fare Potée Maeva. It is a traditional Polynesian house that has been converted into a museum, where you can learn much about the local culture. The village of Maeva once boasted eight chiefdoms, so it is very rich in archeological remains. Close by is the marae of Manunu which has an impressive ahu ( platform). In the south of the island you’ll find another important and impressive site, the marae of Anini.

Continuing your cultural immersion, visit the sacred eels of Faie, with their piercing blue eyes. local children love to come and feed them. Another interesting visit is to the coral stone fish parks in Maeva. Built in a V form to catch the fish during ancient times, these traps are still used by local fishermen today. As you drive round the island, listen to the music of Bobby Holcomb on the car stereo. Check out the statue of him at the tourism office, which stands proudly bearing witness to the place he has in the hearts of the people of Huahine.

Suggestions for an authetic experience

For an authentic experience in Huahine, don’t miss the island’s important cultural sites. Immerse yourself in the unique culture, as you listen to the tales and legends told by your tourist guide. Here is a short list of some of the places you really should visit during your stay in this beautiful island.

Maeva in Huahine © Tahiti Tourisme

Pote’e Maeva :

a fare (traditional house) converted into a museum

Marae de Maeva

a sacred site once used for religious ceremonies and rituals.

Marae Manunu

another important archeological site with an impressive stone platform.

Marae Anini

situated on the southern tip of the island, it offers a magnificent panoramic view of the ocean.

The sacred eels of Faie

close to the village of Faie, is a stream that’s home to sacred eels with blue eyes.

Stone and coral fish park

close to the village of Maeva, you will find some traditional fish parks built in the form of a V. These ancient structures were part of the traditional fishing methods of Huahine and are still used to catch fish today.

Visiting the villages

stroll through the sleepy villages of Huahine to discover the daily lives of the inhabitants and observe the traditional architecture of their houses.


Huahine has some superb hiking trails that lead you through the lush green vegetation of its interior.

Local handicraft

Don’t miss the occasion to visit the local markets and craft workshops. You’ll discover the traditional arts and crafts of Huahine, such as wood sculptures, jewelry and engraved mother-of-pearl artifacts.

Festivals and cultural events

find out about the festivals and cultural events being held during the time of your stay. These are superb occasions to immerse yourself in the culture of Huahine through dance, music and local cuisine.

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Fare Pote’e De Maeva

Historic site and monument

Site Archéologique De Maeva

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