Cultural Immersions in Huahine

The magnificent turquoise lagoon of Huahine is an irresistable temptation, but try to make the time to explore the island itself and discover its rich culture. Bobby Holcomb is an American singer who made his home in Huahine for 25 years until his passing in 1991. He is greatly missed by all Polynesians and especially…

Best of the little-known beaches The Islands of Tahiti

There are plenty of beautiful, secluded beaches in The Islands of Tahiti. Superb stretches of white, black or even pink sand, on the shores of a turquoise lagoon. Here are ten of the best!

Tahitian black pearls

Tahitian black pearls, though really it is more accurate to say Tahitian cultured pearls, as they are created in variety of colors, are the perfect souvenir to take with you from French Polynesia. The majority of authentic Tahitian pearls are produced in the warm waters of The Tuamotu Islands and Gambier Islands. These magnificent jewels…

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