Exploring the Caves in Rurutu

Nestled in the heart of the Austral Islands, Rurutu is a superb destination for lovers of nature and adventure. The island's spectacular caves attract underground exploration enthusiasts from all over the world. With about thirty caves, there's a lot for them to explore in Rurutu. The geological particularity of Rurutu is its limestone cliffs, dotted…

The 10 Most Beautiful Spots in the Austral Islands

With breathtaking scenery, steep mountains and high plateaus, these islands are famous for their agricultural activities. You can find archeological remains hidden on each island, bearing witness to a well organized pre-European civilization, that had important religious and cultural practices.

Best of the little-known beaches The Islands of Tahiti

There are plenty of beautiful, secluded beaches in The Islands of Tahiti. Superb stretches of white, black or even pink sand, on the shores of a turquoise lagoon. Here are ten of the best!

The Tere A’ati in Rurutu

The island of Rurutu is in the heart of the Austral Islands, more than 370 miles from Tahiti. This small island paradise is known for its unique, authentic traditions, such as the annual Tere A'ati festival held every January. The entire population, old and young, gathers together for a grand procession around the island. A…

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