Makatea Vertical Adventure is a unique event in French Polynesia. Whether you’re a beginner or a serious climber, you’ll find enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes. The cliffs of Makatea not only have a complete and extensive range of climbing trails, they also offer breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean.

Makatea Vertical Adventure _©_MAKATEA Escalade

Cliff climbing in French Polynesia

The Makatea Vertical Adventure isn’t just limited to climbing. The event consists of 5 days of different activities, that include potholing in freshwater caves (unique in The Islands Of Tahiti), abseiling, zip lining and hiking to the island’s historic and cultural sites. Most participants camp in tents, but you can also rent a room in one of the Tahitian Guesthouses or a family home. Collective catering is provided morning, noon and night and evening entertainment includes documentaries and live music.


Makatea Escalade

Place: Makatea
Email : [email protected]

Makatea Vertical Adventure _©_MAKATEA Escalade
Makatea Vertical Adventure _©_MAKATEA Escalade

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