The Xterra Tahiti is a sporting competition held on the island of Moorea. It attracts local and international athletes keen to test their limits and enjoy an outdoor adventure in a tropical setting. The event is held on serveral dates and involves the three the disciplines of a triathlon, swimming, mountain bike and running.

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New sporting challenges every year

The Xterra SwimRun is usually held at the end of May. It is an event that requires sharing, conviviality and team spirit. The main event is the couples race where runners not only put their own limits to the test, but also those of their partner. The notion of pulling together is an essential element. The race is without assistance and it is forbidden to accept material or any other aid from outside the organization. All the equipment used for swimming must be carried for the running race and vice versa.

Two races:

  • The Xterra Aremiti SwimRun:
    Approx. 40km. For over 18 years old
  • The Xterra Rotui SwimRun:
    Approx. 12,5km. For over 16 years old.



Place: Moorea
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