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Nicolas Hirigoyen Photographe

Professional photographer Nicolas Hirigoyen will help you leave your very own "imprint in time".
He’ll capture it visually, so it can be shared, appreciated and cherished for years to come.
Nicolas Hirigoyen believe everyone has a story.
A personal ‘footprint in time’ that must be captured visually to be shared, enjoyed and treasured for years to come.
It is our greatest privilege to become part of your daily life and preserve your ‘story’ in beautiful images.
Nicolas Hirigoyen is known for skilfully, tastefully – perfectly – representing this moment in time.
Nicolas Hirigoyen, is a professional photographer based in Tahiti. His home studio is located in Faa’a.
Passionate about photography since childhood, his secondary studies were naturally oriented towards the school of photography of arts and media of Toulouse ETPA. He has lived in Polynesia for over 20 years.
He brings his sensitivity and know-how to your sessions to make them unique. He is able to offer you tailor-made projects that correspond to your desires.
The photo sessions are faithful to your image and look like you with a lot of naturalness and poetry.
Fascinated by great photographers like Jean-Loup Sieff, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Ralph Gibson… he admires the art of bodies and black and white.
Known for him relaxed, natural manner and ability to make even the most uncomfortable subject feel fabulous in front of the lens, Nicolas’s success is built on her stunning images, strong interpersonal skills and a product offering sought after by her clients.
Nicolas’s warmth and charm is endearing with many clients returning to her again and again to ensure those key moments in their lives are ‘preserved’ forever.
It is however her images that enchant – true objects of art that will be admired today and later cherished for decades to come


Nicolas Hirigoyen Photographe
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